Young Life

Who’s it for?

Anyone at secondary school aged 11-18.

It doesn’t matter whether you know lots about the Bible already or whether you have never even seen one before, everyone’s welcome.


When is it?

Sunday morning @ 10:00 - 10:50.


Where is it?

We meet in the Young Life rooms at the top of the stairs next to the library.


What do we do?

In Young Life we use the Bible to learn about God, us and what life is all about. For the first ten minutes or so we have chill time so we can all catch up with each other about the week and chat about anything interesting that’s going on. And then we split into 3 groups, and in those groups we’ll look at a part of the Bible or a theme in the Bible and we’ll try and understand what it is saying and why it’s relevant for us today. There’s always lots of discussion and questions so if you want to find out more about God or Christianity or life then come and join us and we’ll do our best to help you. It’d be great to see you there.