Sunday School

When is it?

Sundays 10 to 10.50am or 2 to 2.50pm

Who goes?

About 80 children and young people from the area already come to Sunday School  Using minibuses and cars, we offer “door to door” service to pick up and drop off children if required.

What happens?

As Christians we love to teach the children about the Bible. Many enjoyable and interesting ways are used to help them consider how the lessons in the Bible should affect their life and how they may know God for themselves. We usually work in classes of between 5 and 10, but occasionally we work in larger groups. We always start with all the Sunday School together. There are '6 week' prizes for every time they have come for six weeks and there are also 10, 20, 30 and even 40 week certificates if they have come every week for a long period.


We believe that God has given us the things we need to know in His word, the Bible. The teachings of the Bible act as an excellent foundation for life and beyond. Our teachers help the children to see the relevance of God's word to their lives. They especially enjoy teaching the children about Jesus, forgiveness of sins and the everlasting life that he is able to give."

Who takes the groups?

We currently have in the region of twenty teachers from the Church. They are all committed Christians and have a wide range of experience with children, either through youth work, teaching qualifications or having their own children.